IT Engineering and Managed Services

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Fast, Reliable, Secure Computer Systems

How Will MQUAL IT Engineering and Managed Services Help My Business?

Imagine an office where:

  1. employees login to their systems and get to work without issue,
  2. print documents without hassle,
  3. Data and documents are shared easily and securely,
  4. remote employees access company resources quickly when needed while external threats are kept at bay and
  5. you sleep soundly at night knowing all your critical data and systems are protected so your business can survive any disaster.

Employees are issued one login, with a password that they must update every 3 months, that is used to manage their access to files and line of business applications.

Remote access requires a separate confirmation using multi-factor authentication so even if a password is compromised company assets and client information are protected.

No more leaving documents or applications unsecured because it "causes more trouble than its worth".

No more employees sharing the same login leaving you open to attack when an employee leaves and no way to tell who did what.

Your data and systems are protected by three separate backups that are tested frequently to ensure they will be there when you need them.

Employees never say "I am no good with computers" because they have all been trained on how to use a computer.

Tech support is pro-active keeping your systems up to date, discovering and addressing issues before they become emergencies using health and activity reports to monitor systems 24/7.

All the above is great but most importantly - your company is using technology to work faster and smarter delivering better products and services to your customers.

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