Business Process Automation

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Business Process Automation

How Will MQUAL Help My Business Automate?

Business automation unleashes the power of a business by taking repetitive tasks that follow a known procedure and computerizing them using software "robots".

These tasks are generally boring for humans to do and keep employees from doing more creative, enjoyable and valuable work for the company.

A great way to understand business automation is to look at one of the most famous historical examples of business automation: the 1890 U.S. census.

At that time the census was carried out manually with census takers going door-to-door with sheets of paper writing down the number of people in the household in separate columns for their gender and age range. Those sheets of paper where then manually added up. The population in 1890 was expected to reach around 62 million people and it was expected to take over 10 years just to add up the sheets of paper - thus rendering the census data useless.

Early computing technology pioneer Herman Hollerith came to the rescue with a mechanical computing machine that would take punch cards from census takers and eliminated the manual tabulation by adding up and tabulating the results automatically. This resulted in a ten fold productivity increase and enabled the census to be completed quickly.

Herman Hollerith became one of the founding members of IBM.

Today examples of business automation can be found in e-commerce where the entire purchasing process is handled without any human interaction.

"Bots" (software robots) exist that are used to help answer basic customer questions leaving customer service personnel to handle the more complicated situations resulting in faster, better customer support.

Medical billing forms automatically filled out and submitted leaving billing personnel free to address billing exceptions and special situations increasing billing accuracy and collections.

With advances in technology many more business processes can be automated than ever before.

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