Business Intelligence and Reporting

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Know Your Business

How Will MQUAL Help My Business Use Business Intelligence?

Smart businesses know things like:

    • The demographics of their best customers
    • What marketing campaigns produce the best results
    • How much productivity should be expected from employees and which employees are producing well and which ones need help.
    • The speed at which products move off their shelves and when and how much to order to make sure they can keep up with sales without having to store a lot of inventory.

Business intelligence and reporting is about delivering actionable information to the right people so they can keep things running smoothly while discovering new ways to improve operations.

Using analysis services data cubes, MQUAL can deliver data directly to users in Excel where they can analyze up-to-date information in pivot tables and graphs.

With reporting services, standardized reports can be automatically generated and delivered to customers for transparency and compliance purposes or to company executives to keep them informed on company operations.

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